Focused on public administration: Keystone Seminars, Open Chamber

AmCham realizes importance of public administration quality for successful development of the country. As we can observe in many current cases quality of public sector is a keystone of every economy. Since the Chamber is community consisted of talented and experienced business leaders, we would like to share the best practices and the knowledge with the public sector too.

Therefore we come with two projects focused on public administration: the Keystone seminars and Open Chamber program. Keystone Seminars are designed to train public sector officials in leadership, management, motivation, ethics and social responsibility. The seminars will be prepared voluntarily by AmCham members: Everesta, Hudson, Centrum andragogiky, CSR Consult.

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For more information about the Keystone seminars please see the attachment.


By its Open Chamber program AmCham opens regular educational seminars and workshops to public sector officials. For more information please see the leaflet Otevřená komora.

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