AmCham comments on draft amendment to Labor Code

AmCham sent comments on the draft amendment to Labor Code written by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Michaela Marksová (CSSD) would like to present it to the Government by the end of April 2016, it should come into force on April 2017.

The proposed amendment includes:

  • Exclusion of certain rules for scheduling working hours and overtime for senior management,
  • Counting holiday by hours,
  • Introducing home-office rules, in particular concretization costs paid by the employer,
  • Stricter rules for work on the basis of agreements on work performed outside employment,
  • Need the consent of the employee when moving to another job because of his inability to perform his/her work so far,
  • Adjustments to the rules of mass layoffs and service of documents employee, who does not work.

More information here or come to join us discussion on April 6 at Labor Code and Social Affairs Committee.

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