Government Economic Policy Scorecard

We would like to introduce you to the Government Economic Policy Scorecard - the first private sector initiative to track a government’s progress in enacting their stated reforms in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, and possibly the EU. The goal is to give you a good idea of what the government is trying to do, how well they are planning and preparing their agenda, how democratic the policy process is, what are the chances and timing of each policy passing. We would like to underline that each policy is taken from the coalition agreement, but that not all policies in the agreement are included in the scorecard. We only selected those which we felt would have direct and widespread impact on the economy.

Communication and cooperation between the public and private sector is the key to successful economic policy and a prosperous economy. In our research we have requested detailed information about the government’s plans and we are thankful to those institutions that replied. This initial scorecard serves as the starting measure of the Sobotka government. We will issue an updated scorecard each August and January to assess what we hope is the substantial progress of this government in achieving a very wide and ambitious array of economic policy.

We want this to be useful to you in your planning. Please let us know how we can improve the scorecard to make it more valuable to you. And let us know if you have better information than we do about specific pieces of legislation. The paper Sobotka Government Economic Priorities, which is listing each of the policy commitments and assessing the state of preparation and chances of passage in the near future, is available for members only. Please contact Veronika Szentiványiová at, 602 790 012 or Markéta Simkovičová at, 734 234 182 to obtain a copy.

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