Act on Lobbying in internal comment procedure

On 21 September, the Government published an official wording of the Act on Lobbying. In fact, by approving the Act, the Czech Republic would enact a regulatory approach to lobbying activities as such. The Act defines the process of lobbying as influencing public officials with decisive rights. It stipulates a list of the public officials that should be treated under the Act regarding lobbying activities. Except for deputies and senators, other high state, regional and local officials and representative are included (the list varies from 2,000 to 80,000 officials according to different variants of the Act).  The Government welcomes any consultation in the internal comment procedure till 22 October

The different variants of the Act also regulate registration of lobbyist; they would have to register compulsorily or voluntarily. There is also a difference among the variants of the Act regarding the processes that the Act affects; only the legislative process or even the decision-making process is involved. The supervision over the lobbyists' registration and regulation of the lobbying process would be vested on the Parliamentary Representative or the Governmental Office on Political Parties Financing (both institutions to be set up).

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