Survey on Act on Public Procurement

Six months after it became effective, the amendment to the Act on Public Contracts has been evaluated positively by six out of ten companies. Despite that fact, companies do not believe that it addresses all corruption risks. The amendment to the Act on Public Contracts, which has been effective since 1 April this year, contributes to greater transparency and limits opportunities for corruption in the Czech Republic. This is the opinion of 59.1% of Czech companies. However, the majority of companies (54.5%) believe that the amendment does not address all risks of possible manipulation and only a small portion of companies (4.6%) agree with it without reservation. These are the results of the latest survey carried out by the Ambruz & Dark/Deloitte Legal cooperating law offices, which monitored the opinions of Czech firms on this issue six months after the amendment became effective. The survey you can find attached (Czech&English version).

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