AmCham Priorities - Letter to the Government

Today, the AmCham delivered a letter (it is attached in Czech and English version) to key government and parliamentary leaders outlining what we believe should be the economic priorities for the coming period. In the letter, we urged

1) greater participation in the debates in Europe over how to overcome the liquidity crisis in some member states,
2) more consultation and consistency in domestic policy reforms (especially taxation),
3) continued efforts to improve the transparency and efficiency of governance, and
4) a growth agenda that focuses not only on export manufacturing, but also on innovation, tourism, health care and regional business centers.

We already have working groups established for our good governance and growth agenda. The groups will be working over the summer to prepare detailed action plans of how to achieve the goals stated in our letter. How we emerge from the crisis will not be determined solely in government offices. It will also be shaped by how we as a business community react. If we act pro-actively and cooperatively, if we engage the government with a positive agenda and not merely a list of passive complaints, we will greatly improve the probability that the Czech Republic will emerge from the crisis as a success story.

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