AmCham Position on amendment Act on Foreigners' Residence in the Czech Republic

The aim of the amendment Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic and related Acts is to transpose the EU directives 2009/810/EC (the so-called Visa Code), 2008/115/ES (the so-called return directive), 2009/52/ES (employers’ sanctions directive), among others, into the Czech law. Measures proposed include the introduction of the so-called blue cards (combination of a work and residence permits for highly qualified labour), collection of biometric identifiers, or sanctions for employers who employ undocumented workers. Proposed amendments create additional administrative burden and go beyond requirements set by the EU law (e.g. extended requirements on personal presence - there would be no option for an applicant for a long-term residence visa to sign power of attorney who would act on applicant‘s behalf before authorities, unnecessary administrative burden connected with the collection of biometric data, etc.). The changes would apply to 3rd country nationals in the Czech Republic.
Please, find below the position on the amendment Act drafted by AmCham in cooperation with the Organisation for Aid to Refugees.

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