A draft Act on Significant Market Power approved by Chamber of Deputies

Today, the Chamber of Deputies has approved a bill that brings additional economic competition regulation into relations between suppliers and their customers...

This was the third attempt (in past several years) by a group of ČSSD MPs to adopt this bill-  and this time successful (only ODS parliamentarians voted against).
The bill is intended to protect suppliers of chain stores. However, it is not limited to that category. Some experts believe the act may deter companies from concluding contracts with Czech suppliers, the reason being a diminished negotiating space together with a threat of high fines.
AmCham is now looking into the issue and considering advocacy in the Senate. Please, find attached 1) the draft bill, 2) a changing proposal adopted, and 3) a position paper by Czech Association for Competition Law. Anyone interested in joining the AmCham initiative or commenting on the bill, please contact Iveta Havlová at ihavlova@amcham.cz.

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