AmCham’s Initiated Project “The Best Regulator” Launched

On January 28, AmCham hosted a press conference at which the chairmen and vice-chairmen of Czech Anti-Monopoly Office, Office for Protection of Personal Data and Czech Telecommunications Office launched the Best Regulator project.

After several discussions and with the encouragement of the involved government agencies, Amcham agreed to initiate the project, which aims to place Czech regulators at the top of Europe. The regulators have undertaken to further improve the efficiency, consistency and transparency of their work based on a set of criteria drawn up jointly by AmCham members and regulatory officers. The progress made will be assessed annually by appointed independent experts (in the first year of the project, the evaluation will be done internally by each regulator) and results published. 

The Chamber is planning to stay in touch with the three regulators throughout the year and provide feedback & suggestions for measures to be taken. Also, we intend to approach other regulators to expand the project in the near future.

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