AmCham is Advocating Deductibility of Employees´ Benefits for Commuting to Work

On the occasion of an amendment to the Income Taxes Act drafted by the Finance Ministry, which AmCham is one of the commentary institutions for, AmCham has alerted the Ministry to the issue of employees´ benefits for commuting to work...

The memorandum sent to the Finance Ministry requested that such benefits be deductable from the employer´s tax base and 2) a tax-free benefit for the employee. See the full wording of the memo enclosed.

AmCham has also agreed with the Deputy Finance Ministry Chrenko that as soon as the general principles (vecny zamer) of the new Income Tax Act are drafted, a roundtable will be held on it at AmCham. If you wish to be added on the Finance Committee mailing list or with any issue concerning tax legislation, please contact Iveta Havlova at

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