Czech Industry Coalition on Data Protection (CICDP)

Czech Industry Coalition for Data Protection (CICDP) aim is to raise awareness of Data Protection issues in the Czech Republic between companies, professional associations, public officials, general public other professionals dealing with the protection of personal data. CICDP´s main objective is to actively participate in the process of public consultation on new European legislation and to define common positions in terms of Czech companies.


CICDP published Position Paper on Data Protection, which was presented to public officials at the end of February 2013. The Position Paper can be downloaded here (under your company name and password). On June 25, 2013 CICDP organized Our Voices to the Data Protection Regulation Conference. On December 6, 2013 representatives of CICDP spoke at the conference of Ministy of Industry and Trade Digital Challenges for 2013.


For more information contact Veronika Szentiványiová at

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