2023 AmCham General Assembly: Leading through disequilibrium: change is an opportunity

We have always wanted tools that could make our work and lives easier and better. The best thing we can do is use these tools in a way that benefits both us and others.

That was the message of AmCham CZ re-elected board member Violeta Luca of Microsoft as she and two fellow board members, President Milan Šlapák of RSBC Holding and Vice-President Martin Skřehota of Carrier Refrigeration led a discussion on the primary drivers of our current disequilibrium, and how businesses can use this change as an opportunity.

Violeta reminded fellow members that humanity has gone through several dramatic changes on the way to the civilization we have today. The exponential increase in information access and the ability to utilize it created by the invention of the printing press may be the most comparable to the promise that artificial intelligence poses. Companies are already reporting substantial revenue increases and cost savings after implementing AI in key business processes. The companies that move first, are open to experimenting with the different capabilities of AI, and keep their investment focused on the key drivers of their business will be the ones that gain the greatest advantage.

Martin detailed the significant increase in the ability AI grants companies to monitor different tiers of their supply chain. Carrier is learning alot of things it could not know before AI increased their capacity to gather and analyze data. Milan reminded the audience that experimenting requires a tolerance of failure, and that companies can learn more about how to succeed by trying and failing and learning the lessons of that failure than from immediate success. Steven Tichy of White Star Real Estate (WSRE) emphasized the need to appoint someone to own the implementation of AI into the company.


AmCham welcomes new members of the Board of Directors. Jaroslav Škvrna, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Central Europe has been pursuing the innovation agenda and helping define key issues using his knowledge of the Fraunhofer Institute based in Dresden, among others. Michala Malát, Executive Director, Johnson & Johnson, has been a lead in identifying seven focus areas for AmCham Health Care Council. Pavel Kliment, Partner, KPMG, has been tracking how companies have been using office space and will focus on how more affordable housing could be available to entry- and mid-level workforce.   


For their contribution to the AmCham advocacy efforts, the following members won the AmCham Plus Club award:

Ondřej Krajíček, Chief Technology Strategist, Y Soft Corporation for driving the AmCham Brno Council R&D and innovation agenda.

Jaroslava Rezlerová, Managing Director, ManpowerGroup Czech Republic and Slovakia, for her determination to increase the pool of educated, skilled and highly qualified workforce in the Czech Republic.

Jakub Adam, Partner, Taylor Wessing for striving for progress in the construction law issues within the AmCham Real Estate Council.

Martin Skřehota, Director, Refrigeration Operations Finance at Carrier Refrigeration for continuously providing intel on supply chains and the role of China in the global economy.

More Plus Club individuals and activities are listed in AmCham Membership Report.

Thank you, #AmChamBusinessCommunity.

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