Workshop on Innovation in Language Learning by Lance Knowles


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


26.04.2013, 10:30 - 26.04.2013, 12:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


On behalf of American Chamber of Commerce we would like to invite you to the workshop with: Lance Knowles - President of DynEd International Inc. and Director of Courseware Development. Key questions: - What neuroscience brings into language learning - How to measure language learning efficiency and individual progress - Language skills as competitive advantage - Examples of projects where governments invest in English language learning systems on national level to get competitive advantage Mr. Knowles is among the world's foremost experts on the development and use of multimedia ELT courses. As the co-founder and President of DynEd, he has personally led the design of DynEd's core products, including the world's first interactive language learning program on CD-ROM in 1987. Used in over 70 countries worldwide, his innovative courses have been approved by national Ministries of Education -- including France, China, Malaysia and Turkey -- and have won more than 40 major awards. Mr. Knowles co-founded the company in 1987 with DynEd's chief engineer, Douglas Crane. Together, they earned a US patent for the features at the root of their interface design and authoring tools. An experienced presenter, textbook author, and former director of the Language Institute of Japan (1979-86), Lance has led teacher-training seminars in more than 14 countries and has over 30 years experience in English language education. Contact person: Lucie Vrbová,

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