Workshop Mobile Marketing: How should brands use mobile marketing as a channel?


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


19.11.2009, 09:00 - 19.11.2009, 11:00


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Is a mobile device a new screen medium, or is it just a smaller version of the internet? · What differentiates mobile marketing from other forms of digital marketing? · How should brands work with mobile communication towards its customers? · What type of mobile marketing is there – which type is recommended for which purposes? · What role do current media houses and mobile operators play? Is it really that serious? · Why should brands use mobile marketing today? · Mobile can be local – how can location be used to utilize your business? · · Explanation of hyper-local mobile advertising. · Examples of how deap you can target and profile your customers using mobile marketing. · Effective successful case studies FREE ENTRANCE for AmCham members. Main Speaker: Jan Rezab , Managing Director Lokola s.r.o. Vassili le Moigne, CEO Lokola s.r.o. For more information contact Roman Minarik at (or GSM: 604-243-665)

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