Women’s Leadership of the New Generation _workshop_Capacity full


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


25.05.2012, 10:00 - 25.05.2012, 12:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Essential of women’s Leadership of the New Generation - How to change the “disadvantage” of being a woman into the Advantage? - How to succeed in the competition with man and still be a Woman? - What is the “inner power” of a women and how to regain it - How to gain more self esteem and overcome limits of the society and our past? - The power of female wisdom in communication, leadership decision making - More effective goal achievement using women’s inner strength - Inner balance and the sources of inner strength - Intuition - the best navigation tool in difficult situation and advantage - A very practical workshop which covers Essential of Women’s Leadership of New Age, from which every woman can earn her own way to her inner strength, reclaim her power and realise all advantages which women bring into business, teams and society. · Practical understanding why women’s leadership is different and why it is more effective and less stressful when using full women’s inner potential. · Sharing the best practises and offering practical solutions and navigations for a change. Trainer Quote: Jarmila Baresova „I have held various leadership positions one of them was Honeywell Aerospace Compliance Leader worldwide. I have proved many times to my colleagues, sub ordinates and bosses that there is nothing more precise in decision making then female wisdom. Being a woman is an advantage when we respect our best qualities and differences which help us to balance the pressure when “they” want us to be the same as man! The more women are aware of their potential and power the more inspiring and beneficial this is for not only women but as well for men! ” Jarmila Barešová Profile Jarmila has over 11 years experience in international business and training field (Telco, IT, Manufacturing industry, Law Firms), held various manager position both legal and compliance and has worked in various sizes of companies with different organization structures, customers and cultures, responsible for establishing new positions, driving changes, managing crises situations, analyzing and implementing both internal processes and worldwide international projects, using, very good communication and leadership skills. Jarmila has experience in leading individuals and cross-functional teams, coaching others to unlock their hidden potentials in order to achieve goals and to transform stress of change to strength and new potentials. Prepared in cooperation with Change Partnership.

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