What is a leader’s best management tool or strategy during an economic crisis?


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


24.06.2009, 09:00 - 24.06.2009, 11:00


Grandhotel Brno, Benešova 18-20, Brno Show on map


The economic crisis that is turning the world upside down can severely damage a company’s success. Or it can be an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. It can be a chance to rise to the top of the class. What does it depend on ? The leader is the difference maker during a world crisis. During a downturn, the leader must make good decisions and follow a sound strategy to survive and prosper. In order to accomplish this difficult task, the leader must have the right tools and techniques. What is the best management tool or strategy in handling an econmomic crisis? What is the one change you have made in 2009 to help your company? What is the most important thing to keep intact during the downturn? What have you learned in 2009 that will make your company stronger in 2010? speaker: Jorge Cooper, Partner, Dynargie, s.r.o., www.dynargie.cz

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