"What bankers do not tell you and/or some observations about the crisis"


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


27.05.2009, 09:00 - 27.05.2009, 11:00


AmCham Offices, Dušní 10, Praha 1 Show on map


AGENDA: 1. What is the origin of the bubble? 2. Transformation mechanism of a financial crisis into an economic crisis 3. Economic growth versus development on the stock exchange 4. Development of stock prices – unprecedented crash or normal situation? 5. Should one invest into stock under the current situation? 6. How long will it take until the trend reverses and stock prices return to the levels before the crisis? 7. Conclusion & Discussion Speaker: Mgr. Ing. Václav Novotný, Managing Director, Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o. The seminar and follow-up discussion is beneficial especially for business owners, top managers and private investors. AmCham Contact person: Renata Paceltova at rpaceltova@amcham.cz

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