What role will the automotive industry play in our future economy?

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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


10.12.2020, 08:45 - 10.12.2020, 10:00


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Can the Czech Republic maintain- or improve- its competitive position as the automotive industry transform the automobile- and how it is made?

Central Europe has restored its industrial pedigree, and its prosperity, primarily by producing cars. The abundance of quality engineers, adequate logistics infrastructure, and highly competitive costs turned the region into workshop for European personal transport. 

Now, the automotive industry is rapidly shifting gears to meet the growing demand for cars fueled by clean energy- and the stricter requirements of Brussels. At the same time, the internet of things promises to increase efficiency of production. How does this impact the standing of Central Europe in the indusrry? Are its engineers prepared for the shift into digital production? What about its production line crews? Can the Czech research industry take advantage of the disequilibrium caused by so much change in so little time, and shift some of the value-added segments of the industry into the region's labs?

Petr Knap, EY's managing partner for the automotive sector in the region, will discuss these topics with Martin Jahn of Volkswagen and Tomas Vondrak of Continental in the first part of series on the dual revolution in the automotive industry.

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