"Transforming data into business success"


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


23.06.2011, 09:00 - 23.06.2011, 11:30


AmCham offices - Dušní 10, Praha 1 Show on map


Lecture led by Professor Lee SCHLENKER, author and Chair of Emerging Economies and Technologies at the EMLYON Business School in Lyons, France At this event you will be joined by other senior executives with similar challenges and pressures to those that you face. Together we will explore how your role as a leader can shape the future of your business and how, by using emerging technologies effectively, you can move ahead and achieve lasting success. As you continue to cope with tough trading conditions, are you hanging on to “time proven” technologies and business practices long past their prime? When budgets are tight it’s all too easy to defer moving forward, preferring simply to downsize, outsource and put off investments until the storm blows over. The danger is you will be left behind - your past investments may actually hold you back instead of propelling you towards business success. Take some time to find out how emerging technologies can put you back in the race with solutions that deliver business results fast. This Workshop is a perfect springboard to put you ahead of the rest and will give you the tools you need to leverage the power of technology for your business. Main Speakers of this Workshop: Karel Soukenik, CFO, Raiffeisenbank Filip Linhart, Business Development Manager, Telefónica Czech Republic Zdenek Pilz, Managing Director, Oracle Czech What will you take away? A toolbox of resources has been developed to provide you with a measurable return on your investment, including: 1. A new White Paper, sponsored by Oracle, that explores how to change your managerial perspective on the use of information in order to transform your organizational performance 2. Expert research material and technology surveys of current trends in information technology: augmented reality, big data, behavioral sciences, and social network analysis. 3. Case studies demonstrating the impact of these new technologies on business performance This workshop isn’t just about technology; it’s about broadening and deepening your perspectives in getting work done. In open discussion with other professionals facing similar challenges, you can explore the business value of new customer-focused applications that will transform your management practices and steer your organization towards the horizon of what’s possible today and beyond. Registration: registration@amcham.cz or online at www.amcham.cz before June 17.

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