The First Autumn Beer Tasting with AmCham - CANCELLED!!!


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


2.09.2010, 18:00 - 2.09.2010, 21:00


Area between Panorama Hotel and Arkády Pankrác, Metro C - Pankrác Station Show on map


Come and join us for the First Autumn Beer Tasting! You can expect excellent entertainment, live music, selection of 12 types of Czech beer and excellent food prepared by the chefs from the Panorama Hotel. Currency at the Festival is a beer tolar. You can use these tolars to pay for the food, drinks, souvenirs, etc (1 beer tolar /CZK 40). Tolars are packed in five pieces, which is also the minimum amount you can buy. SPECIAL OFFER for our members: AmCham is pleased to donate 2 beer tolars of the starting "tolar package" to all AmCham members, who decide to attend this event! So, do not miss this unigue opportunity and make sure, you have been registered via AmCham! For more information about the festival, please visit . For registration, please contact Nikola Nagyova at Looking forward to meet you there!

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