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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


29.01.2020, 09:00 - 29.01.2020, 11:00


McDonalds Training Center, Radlická 740/113c, Prague 5 Show on map


Come to find out how customers tastes developed and what we can expect next. Organised under AmCham Marketing & communications committee. 


  • Tomasz Rogasz, Country Manager at McDonald's 
  • Natalia Stroe, Country Manager at Coca-cola Company's 
  • Petr Indra, Director of Sales & Partner Success at Dáme jídlo

Speakers will comment on trends in customer taste 2020 and how this will apply at the czech market. For inspiration look at collected themes below:

  1. various ethnic and cultural flavor profiles are gaining appeal. Multisensory impact, including appealing colors and creative plating will rank nearly as high as taste in 2020. No artificial colors or additives are used to achieve a dish’s visual appeal.
  2. while more than half of consumers report eating three or more snacks per day, 66% of them do so to provide nutritional benefits. High-protein bars in particular continue to rank highly among average consumers, foregoing the typical bodybuilder stereotypes of the past. Natural ingredients and minimalist labeling are among the attributes of top rated snack bars. Puffed beet, kale and quinoa snacks are gaining steam, and whey protein crisps especially resonate with consumer snacking trends due to their texture, added nutritional benefits and ability to be incorporated into indulgent snacks while reducing fat and calories.
  3. not only do consumers want responsible packaging and recognizable ingredients; they want to know where those ingredients come from. Sustainability initiatives and the integrity of a manufacturer’s supply chain are being scrutinized more closely. Ingredients such as whey protein, a product derived from the cheese-making process, is an example of an “upcycled” ingredient, which helps eliminate waste. Consumers are increasingly seeking out upcycled ingredients, as well as improved biodegradability of packaging and other associated materials. Deeper scrutiny of how every ingredient on a label is sourced is expected to only increase in 2020.
  4. diet trends, including keto, Paleo and Whole 30 are being adhered to by about a third of consumers who increasingly want to avoid artificial sweeteners, fillers, starches, dyes and flavors. These consumers still care about calories, yet they insist on ingredients that promote and support a lifestyle focused on overall wellbeing, including physical, mental and emotional health.
  5. more holistic and health-conscience beverages with unusual fruit flavor profiles as prickly pear cactus, bergamot orange, makrut lime, pomelo and yuzu.. Sparkling waters featuring these and other flavors will continue to explode in popularity due to their ability to satisfy cravings for carbonated beverages without high sugar content or artificial sweeteners.

Discussion will be interactive, your views and questions are invited!

Places limited to 25 participants.


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