Telco & IT Committee


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


30.09.2009, 09:30 - 30.09.2009, 11:00


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The Committee will meet to put together an agenda for the upcoming membership year: a) lobbying issues, and b) a plan of events (both expert events and access meetings). One of the issues to be discussed is a project the Best Regulator that the AmCham launched in January this year. The Czech Telecommunications Office, Office for Protection of Competition and Office for Protection of Personal Data have already joined the project. Each approved a set of criteria to adhere to (please see attached). At the end of this year, each of the Offices will evaluate how they have performed. As of the next year, the evaluation should be carried out by independent experts. At the committee session, I suggest review the criteria, possibly add new ones and to plan events featuring representatives of the three offices. With any questions, please contact Iveta Havlová at or 602 736 797.

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