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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


27.01.2012, 10:00 - 27.01.2012, 12:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


- Complex of Rational Reading: Speed Studying, Speed Reading, Speed Searching - How to harmonize speed, comprehension and ability to pick the gist of a text - Human eye and its function in process of reading - Widening of recognition span, reduction of eye fixations per line - Exercises and tests for recognition span and its widening - Complex reading test - evaluation with a smart key - The „double-clever“ reading - a pleasant and effective method of studying About the speaker: David Gruber (*1955) is called „the first among lecturers and coaches“ on the area of former Czechoslovakia. In 1984, he upgraded a disorderly cluster of managerial soft skills to a serious scientific discipline with its peculiar subject, methodology, classification system, publications and teaching. He called this discipline „mental work ways“, later on „beneopedics“. He invented a world-new approach to solving personal development challenges - the multimethods (instead of classic methods). David Gruber became famous esp. by his two educational TV series, each of them consisting of 10 sequels: Speed Reading Training (1986), Time Management and Computers (1988). He is unparalleled in the Czech Rep. in amount of guided trainings (almost 1000 trainings since 1983), in amount of sold books (over 1 million pieces, 57 titles) and sold magazine articles in his branch (over 200 million pieces). More at Videopresentation (with English subtitles - press “CC”)

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