Tax Relief - Support of R&D activities (In CZECH)


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


23.10.2013, 10:00 - 23.10.2013, 11:30


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


The European Union enables to supports projects innovating company´s products, processes and services, thus enabling these companies to reduce their tax base related to their own research and development activities. In practice, this means savings of about 19% of total expenditures carried out within research and development. During the workshop we will present how to apply for tax deduction, what companies are eligible, show some examples from practice and explain what are the risks and profits related to this topic. What can income tax discounts be applied to? · Salaries and mandatory contributions of employees engaged in research and development. · Depreciation of assets used in research and development. · Material and energy consumed during implementation of research and development. · Travel expenses associated with implementation of research and development. · Telecommunication services costs, certification and patents connected to implementation of research and development. What are the conditions for applying reductions for research and development?...and other relevant topics to be discussed Questions & Answers Drivers of the Workshop: Michal Pácal of eNovation & Ivan Janoušek of APOGEO/Znalecký ústav ------------------------------- Registration online under the company password or at AmCham contact: Renata Paceltova, 724 184 866

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