Roundtable on Draft Tax Procedural Code (Daňový řád) with Deputy Finance Minister Chrenko and his team


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


21.05.2008, 09:00 - 21.05.2008, 12:00


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On May 21, a roundtable on the draft overhaul of the Tax Procedural Code (Daňový řád) will be held at AmCham, 9 am – 12. The draft act forms a part of the comprehensive Tax System Reform 2010 prepared by minister Kalousek. We would like to provide the deputy minister Chrenko with a comprehensive position document dealing with all parts of the draft. Thus, we have summarized (in the attached Word file) chapters and sub-chapters of the draft code and would like to ask our member companies and their experts to choose a part (or parts) they would like to comment on. Please, contact Iveta Havlová at and confirm with her that you would take part in the initiative. A paragraphed version of the draft Act is attached. By May 15, we need comments with argumentation (in Czech language) to respective parts to be sent to On May 19, 2 pm, a meeting of all contributors to discuss comments will be held.

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