Roundtable for CFOs : When savings (cost cutting) start to damage your business / Expenses


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


6.06.2012, 09:00 - 6.06.2012, 11:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Praha 1 Show on map


All participant will be asked at the beginning of the discussion to answer the following questions/prepare these information: 1. Can you describe your company profile for other participants? Can you briefly describe expense management in your company? (5 min) 2. Can you describe/present us one practical example of expense management success (process review or redesign, out of the box idea, KPI, Benchmark or any other interesting fact to share about expenses)? (10 min) Driver of the discussion: Roman Fink, CFO of Direct Pojišťovna ______________ Areas of discussion: - Methods of expense/costs planning in your company(centrally, locally, bottom-up, top-down….) - How CFO is involved? From gathering data to influencing…… - How you recognize the budget is efficient? Efficiency measures in various areas: common things HR (wages, trainings….), rent, advisory…. or special marketing, material, processes reviews and ..... What kind of KPI are used their pros and cons. How you recognize the business is struggling when cutting costs / have no option to invest more even this opportunity exists? - Expense benchmarking - do we use it? How? Where we can find information/share information - Business Partnering - the way how we approach finance in DIRECT/RSA Register online under the company passowrd or send an email at Contact: Renata Paceltova, 724 184 866

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