Quo vadis, Czech media?

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List of Participants

  • Anna Chocholatá, DELOITTE, Senior Media and PR Specialist
  • Dominik Hrodek, AMBRUZ & DARK DELOITTE LEGAL S.R.O., ADVOKáTNí KANCELář, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eliška Hašková Coolidge, COOLIDGE CONSULTING SERVICES, Owner
  • Gabriela Bechynská, MONDELEZ CZECH REPUBLIC S.R.O., Corporate & Government Affairs Manager CZ/SK
  • Ivona Novotná, CBRE S.R.O., Head of Communications
  • Jakub Švestka, MONETA MONEY BANK, A.S., PR Manager
  • Jan Hrubý, WHITE & CASE (EUROPE) LLP, ORGANIZAčNí SLOžKA, Business Development Manager
  • Jan Svoboda, DELOITTE, Business Development Coordinator | Clients &
  • Jana Sosna, TAYLORWESSING E|N|W|C ADVOKáTI V.O.S., Senior PR Manager
  • Karolína Křišťanová, JT INTERNATIONAL, SPOL. S R.O., Corporate Affairs and Communication Manager
  • Martin Bohuslav, AMBRUZ & DARK DELOITTE LEGAL S.R.O., ADVOKáTNí KANCELář, Associate Partner
  • Martina Remtová, FLAGSHIP CSR CONSULTANCY, CSR konzultant
  • Martina Slabá, EXXONMOBIL BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER CZECHIA S.R.O., Communications Coordinator
  • Michal Malysa, DELOITTE, Head of PR and Communications
  • Monika Matyáštíková, PLZEňSKý PRAZDROJ, A.S., Public Affairs Manager CZ&SK
  • Natália Vítková, JLL (JONES LANG LASALLE), PR & Content Executive
  • Ondřej Petráš, HONEYWELL, SPOL. S R.O., Staffing Manager
  • Pavel Zingl, TOP HOTELS GROUP A.S., Marketing Manager
  • Pavlína Holá, TAYLORWESSING E|N|W|C ADVOKáTI V.O.S., Business Development&Marketing Manager
  • Richard Stonavský, VODAFONE CZECH REPUBLIC A.S., Head Regulatory and Public Affairs
  • Simona Seidlova, INTERCONTINENTAL PRAGUE, Marketing Manager
  • Veronika Němcová, CARRIER REFRIGERATION OPERATION CZECH REPUBLIC S.R.O., Communications Manager


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


23.01.2018, 18:00 - 23.01.2018, 20:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Media are crutial source of information and their impact increases even more in time of elections. 
Have the journalists become more the copyists than the investigators? And in time of Twitter journalism, is there still space to care about politicians visions and fullfilment of these visions rather than just critisising within the limited amount of characters?
Come to find out about how the news & PR tools are created and how to be able to stick with genuine contect in times of the Czech Republic´s current structure of the media owners.
Areas of discussion:
  • Media & Politics (Are Czech journalists really independent and free?)
  • Media & its Owners (Are Czech journalists really independent and free?)
  • Status of Czech Journalism
  • Firms & Media
Panel discussion moderated by Gabriela Bechynska, Corporate & Government Affairs Manager of Mondelez International Czech Republic
  • Nora Fridrichová from 168 hodin
  • Filip Rožánek from Marketing & Media
  • Dalibor Balšínek from Echo Media
  • Tomáš Jeník from Euro
Registration online under the company password or by email at registration@amcham.cz.

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