Panel discussion on Work Life balance - CANCELED


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


28.05.2008, 09:00 - 28.05.2008, 11:00


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A panel discussion event on the topic of Work Life Balance will give you an opportunity to talk about some important HR issues. Panelists: Petr Draxler of IBM, Alena Králíková of HR Forum, Kateřina Švábenická of Microsoft, Andreas Hoefinghoff of KPMG. Questions to discuss: What your company is doing in order to make sure that employees have work life balance? How do you support it? (flexible working hours, etc.) How you are dealing with employees who spend more time in the office anyway? How do you define the work-life balance concept? What concrete work-life balance programs have you introduced? Why have you opted for them? What is the reaction/ response from the employees? Can all employees take advantage of them? What are the „costs and revenues“ of such programs? What benefits do they bring to the company itself? How do you promote them towards employees? Where have you found inspiration? What recommendation would you give to companies that want to launch similar programs?

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