Online "roundtable" discussion with HMP representative Ivan Pilny (ANO)


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


6.05.2020, 09:00 - 6.05.2020, 10:30


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mCham Board members and experts will meet with the City of Prague representative Ivan Pilný (ANO) to discuss a support for the Prague-based businesses. Upon invitation.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Immediate economic stability measures.
    1. Loans and guarantees for Business.
      1. City and State Money.
      2. Supplemented by Private Contributions. 
    2. State Employment Support. 
      1. Advocate government compensation for Regime B based on revenue loss
        1. 80% of salary and employer social for Revenue loss of 70-100%.
        2. 60% for Revenue loss of 40-70%.
        3. Government cap at 45,000 for both Regime A and B.
        4. Duration March 1-May 30, renewable for another 3 months.
    3. City Sofa Festivals and District Pub Nights. Pay Cultural performers to stream live concerts and performances. Minimum contribution to pay. 50% to performers: 50% to pay restaurant food delivery for unemployed and disabled. 
    4. Deferral of city commercial rents for three months. Payment to spaced over 24 month period.
    5. Invest into current public road, building and other infrastructure projects.
    6. Creation of Private and Public Council for Covid economic relief funds.
  2. Longterm Measures for Strong Recovery
    1. Create a priority list of infrastructure to develop city as a research center and high-end tourist destination. 
    2. Regulate AirBNB as hotel (health and safety rules, tourism tax, reporting requirements). 
    3. Reform construction planning system.
    4. Increase Prague's ability to raise public revenue and make economic development decisions. 

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