Non verbal communication - All-Day Seminar dedicated for people in business (CAPACITY FULL)


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


23.11.2010, 09:00 - 23.11.2010, 17:00


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Capacity: 10 people (capacity full) Speaker: Alex Reidl, MA. Alex is a self employed Management Consultant and Coach, specialized on Leadership Coaching, operational and strategic Management and Marketing Consulting. He holds customized seminars on building winning teams, change management and non-verbal communication amongst others. Within his area of expertise he also teaches selected MBA courses at university (more in the attached PDF file). Target group: Management and employees with customer facing positions and in representative functions (Senior Management, PR, etc) Duration: 1 day Style: Interactive Background: Communication is 20% verbal and 80% non verbal, of which 60-80% is body language, whether read consciously or sub-consciously. The main goal of this seminar is to increase your communication effectiveness by improving your non-verbal communication skills. One of the key areas of the seminar is how to create the perfect first impression - when meeting new potential clients, senior management and any other person who is important for you, 50% of the opinion about you will be formed within 15 seconds, 90% within the first 4 minutes. All people can usually observe in this short time span is: • The way you approach • The way you’re dressed and accessorized • Your smile • Your voice and introduction • Your opening, especially your handshake • The way you settle • Your general behaviour In short, your non verbal communication will decide what people think about you and whether the rest of the meeting will be successful or not. Top line content • Understand the importance of non verbal communication, especially body language • Elements of non verbal communication and how to use them to one’s advantage • Create a perfect 1st impression by using body language • How to create rapport through body language • What to avoid • What to watch out for (eg signs of deceit) • Intercultural aspects of non-verbal communication • Non verbal communication for presentations • Basics of body language for Sales PRICE: 3,400 CZK + VAT for AmCham member (6,000 CZK for non-members) Limited capacity: 10 persons F&B provided during the seminar. There will be also a break for lunch. Contact person: Roman Minarik,, m: 604-243-665 CANCELATION POLICY: This online registration is mandatory. By registering here you agree with the following cancellation policy: - AmCham (further on "provider") will issue an invoice based on provided information (Company name) - The fee must be paid and received by the bank account of the provider before the seminar start. - If the course is canceled by the provider, the whole fee will be reimbursed to the participant. - If the participant is unable to attend the course, the company may send another participant as a "substitute" (no extra charges will apply). The participant must, however, inform the provider as soon as possible. - If cancellation is made by the participant more than 7 days before the course start, 50% of the fee is eligible for refund to the participant. - If cancellation is made by the participant exactly or less than 7 days before the course start, the entire fee is non-refundable.

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