Internal Communications: Key to Employee Engagement and Sustainable Growth?


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


22.04.2015, 09:00 - 22.04.2015, 11:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


In the field of strategic communication disciplines, internal communication is often like the Cinderella: blooming with potential, yet rarely seen and utterly underused. How can your company use internal communications strategically to boost employee engagement and trigger client satisfaction and sustainable business growth? Let’s listen to the experience of the best: those for whom internal communications is not only a way of living, but also a dynamic tool for strategic leadership. Guest speakers: · Biljana Weber, CEO, Microsoft · Stanisláv Gálik, CEO, Unifer · Tomáš Novotný, Head of Internal Communications, Škoda Auto · Petra Lávičková, Head of Corporate Marketing & PR, CBRE Czech Republic · Petr Sedláček, member of the board, Czech Institute of Internal Communication (IIK) A panel discussion moderated by Cristina Muntean, strategic communications consultant and founder, Media Education CEE. ------------ Event Objective: To present best practices and thus to reveal the hidden potential of well-done internal communication and its role in strategic leadership, employee engagement, crisis prevention and proficient external communications. Target Audience: General managers, top and mid-management of Czech and international companies, company owners and entrepreneurs dealing with strategic internal communications and employee engagement (GM, HR, Sales and Business Development, Marketing & PR Managers, Line Management). Topics to be discussed: · What is the reality of internal communications in the Czech Republic? Who does it well and how they do it? · Where do the hidden opportunities of internal communications lie? · What role does new technology play in supporting effective internal communications? · How can internal communications boost employee engagement and thus generate more satisfied customers and more revenues for the company? · What is the real return on investment into internal communications? · What can you do to turn around your office set-up to stimulate healthy internal communications? · How can you use internal communications to avoid bottlenecks between your top management, line management and field employees? · How can internal communications be used to prevent crisis and bring your people together? ------------ Registration: FREE OF CHARGE to all AmCham members and invited guests. By email at or online under your company password. For more info send an email at

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