Innovate or Die! Why and How Corporations Must Prepare for Positive Disruption. Capacity FULL


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


25.03.2015, 09:00 - 25.03.2015, 12:00


NEW location: MSD Global Innovation Center - Riverview, Svornosti 3321/2, Prague 5 Show on map


Innovate or Die! Why and How Corporations Must Prepare for Positive Disruption. Why corporations start their own incubators/startups, innovation/RD centers? Moderated by Jeanne Trojan Hosted by: MSD Global Innovation Center The MSD Riverview office has been prepared to provide jobs to hundreds of IT specialist in the coming 2 years, with plans to be fully operational by middle of 2016. The facility, housing our MSD IT Global Innovation Center, will serve as the company’s European IT centre and its global technology hub. It will do research and develop specific IT solutions to support MSD’s other divisions such as R&D, production, marketing, business management and project management. It will be also responsible for administration of infrastructure platforms and applications. The facility will hire IT specialists, data analysts, project managers as well as many fresh university graduates. --------- For AmCham members and invited guests - for free Language: English Target Audience: Multinational Corporations (GM, CIO, Business Development) Event Objective: To show corporations why and how to get involved in innovative projects and demonstrate the financial as well as long-term strategic benefits. Description: Your organization’s future competitor is probably a company you haven’t heard of yet. Industries are evolving quickly, pushed by the positive disruption that’s coming from the startup world. Is your organization prepared for it? Corporations suffer in the long term if they don’t innovate or create the wider environment where ideas and products are formed. However, in this competitive, and financially restricted, world, are there really any benefits for an established corporation to become a part of the startup area? There are already many examples of multinational corporations investing in innovation and/or working with startups, and reaping the benefits. This event will give the audience a view of how they can profit from this kind of strategy. Speakers: Jarmila Placha (Head of Wayra CEE) - perspective from startup accelerator run by a corporation (O2) Soňa Krausová (Head of Dupont CR) - Global Paving Center, Inclusive Innovation Irena Prášilová (Business Operation at Merck) - MSD IT Global Innovation Center Ondrej Bartos (Partner, Credo Ventures) - Venture Capital perspective, also a prominent startup figure, establishing the first accelerator, StartupYard Jan Muehlfeit (Former Head of Europe, Microsoft, startup mentor, strategic advisor on innovation) - corporate perspective, but also mentoring startups and talking often on innovation Registration: For free to all AmCham members and invited guests. By email at or online under your company password. For more info send an email at

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