HR seminar on “LEADERSHIP DNA - From Good Managers to Extraordinary Leaders”


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


2.04.2008, 09:00 - 2.04.2008, 11:00


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Leaders are born – not made! Have you ever heard that said? This seminar is a comprehensive overview of the distinction between the traditional management style and today’s top performing leaders and motivators. The presentation goes into examining 5 critical areas. 1. Why make great leaders out of managers (facts and figures) 2. Latest research findings with respect to necessary leadership skills and talents 3. How to improve your chances of discovering individuals predisposed to becoming successful leaders in the first place 4. The characteristics of successful leaders 5. The necessity of examining/measuring your managers and leaders as to whether they are performing as you expect them to and if not, what to do about it. This presentation is a guide to the individual manager regarding how to improve his or her management style. The detailed analysis of leadership behavior explains to those individuals in position to manage how to do everything from hiring the right person the first time to coaching and training the individuals in 12 critical steps. The seminar offers insights of what is beyond and behind the extraordinary results, and reveals if and how can each of us reach those. Deiric McCann is Vice President, International of Profiles International Inc. - the world’s fastest growing personnel assessment & development organisation. Deiric is also author of more than 500 articles published in business publications worldwide. He is author of three best-selling business books: The Customer Continuum, Winning Business Proposals, and, most recently, The Business Bathroom Bible. He is co-author of US book 40 Strategies for Winning in Business. An accomplished and entertaining speaker Deiric makes frequent keynote appearances at conferences across Europe and USA. The seminar is aimed at General Managers, Department Managers as well as HR executives.

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