How to evaluate your company's risk exposure and prepare for the future in the wake of the global economic crisis by MAZARS


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


3.02.2009, 09:00 - 3.02.2009, 11:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Praha 1 Show on map


Stuart Brain, Senior Manager, Transaction and Consulting Services - Mazars LLP, London Topic: „Three steps to beat a recession: If it really is a recession, what should a business do?“ 1. Sorting the Basics: Business priorities. Costs, efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Managing costs: identifying waste and unnecessary spend. Discipline and Persistence. Performance measurement, results communication. Staff effectiveness and motivation. Case study. 2. Protecting the Core: Fallback plan. Improve your cash management processes: tax planning opportunities. Key performance indicator dashboard. Relationships: Staff. Customers, suppliers and investors. Work with your bank. Case study. 3. Changing the Rules: Grow! Customer led strategy. Communication activities. Networking: staff, customers and suppliers. Counsel pannels. Case study. Speaker: Zachary Rosen, US Desk Senior Manager, MAZARS Executive management and board members have an opportunity to take a more active role in protecting and preparing for the uncertain business cycles that lay ahead. We would like to share our approach on how to protect your business in the immediate to long term. Our presentation will focus on key operational issues where the review and improvement of internal controls can protect and improve your business: 1) Improving your cash and accounts receivables function 2) Monitoring and taking better control of inventory management and accounts payables 3) Evaluating the potential for fraud and controls to mitigate this risk

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