Green Buildings: Lessons Learned and Expectations Going Forward


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


14.11.2014, 09:30 - 14.11.2014, 11:30


EY, Florentinum, Na Florenci 2116/15, Prague 1 Show on map


With winter approaching and tensions between Europe and Russia peaking one can´t help but wonder whether gas supplies will be affected or not. As a result of this, the topic of energy efficiency is expected to automatically further increase in significance and importance again. Put on top of that the fact that our climate is changing and that buildings are the single largest contributor to this change and you have got yourself a hot topic: Green Buildings. After a 1-year break, the topic of green buildings is back on the schedule of activities of AmCham again and a lot has happened since 2012. Nowadays almost by default, every new, self-respecting modern office building being developed in the Czech Republic is going green and existing buildings are increasingly being certified as well. By now, we have the first results of the performance of green buildings and can compare them to the performance of conventional buildings. Also, we now have direct feedback from companies who are actually occupying and using green buildings and can find out first-hand what the advantages and disadvantages are - if any. The workshop will be in the form of a discussion between members of the panel and the audience supported by short presentations. Speakers will include occupiers, developers, property & facility managers, real estate investors, architects and a representative of the Czech Green Building Council. The discussion will be moderated by Bert Hesselink of CBRE, AmCham RE Committee chairman. The workshop will take place in the new offices of EY in Florentinum which was awarded the highest possible green rating of LEED Platinum earlier this year. A tour of Florentinum is included for interested parties taking place after the workshop. Speakers: - Stefan de Goeij, Head of Property Management Department of CTP - Michaela Nedorostová, Sustainability Consultant of CBRE - Jan Lehký, Lawyer of Kinstellar - Boris Zupančič, Marketing Director of Philips - Petr Vogel, Partner of EkoWATT / Secretary of the Czech Green Building Council Others to be confirmed soon. -------------------------------- Register online or at Contact person: Lucie Vrbová,

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