Environmental issues as a business opportunity - Business Case of Strategic Social Responsibility


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


20.03.2012, 09:00 - 20.03.2012, 11:00


AmCham Offices, Dušní 10, Praha 1 Show on map


The aim of the third discussion held by AmCham in cooperation with Skanska and CSR Consult is to offer ideas for strategic planning and show concrete examples that demonstrate that the more closely tied a social issue is to a company’s business, the greater is the opportunity to leverage the firm's resources and benefit society. The discussion will focus on environmental issues as an business opportunity and will open the following questions: Should companies really solve social and environmental issues? What should be their incentive - moral obligation or an opportunity to strengthen the company’s competitiveness? What are the environmental issues relevant to your company and the Czech Republic? How can a company conceive its CSR to make a real difference? How does the concept of Creating Shared Value as a new way of the Corporate Social Responsibly match with the environmental issues? Can a company tackle environmental issues and simultaneously increase its competitiveness? Are there new products and market opportunities? And would it be corporate social responsibility? What are the real environmental issues of Czech Republic, how do they influence your business and what can companies do? And does planting a few trees and switching off the monitors really help? Speakers: Peter Sokol, Executive Manager, CSR Consult - From corporate social responsibility to creating shared value - Company strategy and long term competitiveness and how CSR fits in this - Should General Managers be interested? Vladimír Kočí, Life Cycle Assessment, Ecotoxicology, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (VŠCHT) - Life Cycle Assessment - Environmental Issues relevant for business Leoš Vrzalík, Business Development Director, Skanska - Environmental issues as an business opportunity - business case Simon Thorsten Wiebusch, Country Head of Bayer CropScience CZ and SK - Environmental challenges in the business area of cropprotection and agriculture Registrations online or at registration@amcham.cz. For more information please contact Eva Chvalkovská echvalkovska@amcham.cz

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