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List of Participants

  • Alice Punch, AAA AUTO, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Aneta Martišková, GLENCORE AGRICULTURE CZECH S.R.O., Head of HR and Legal Compliance
  • Blanka Litošová, IBM ČESKá REPUBLIKA, SPOL. S R.O., Regional HR Business Partner
  • Cristina Muntean, MEDIA EDUCATION CEE, S.R.O., Founder, media trainer& advisor
  • Dagmar Císařovská, EXXONMOBIL BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER CZECHIA S.R.O., BSC Prague Communications Manager
  • David Novák, VODAFONE CZECH REPUBLIC A.S., Head of Consumer Marketing
  • David Pilař, MAZARS, Marketing & Communications
  • Gabriela Hoppe, IB GRANT THORNTON, Executive Director
  • Jakub Švestka, MONETA MONEY BANK, A.S., PR Manager
  • Jana Pelikánová, IBM ČESKá REPUBLIKA, SPOL. S R.O., HR Recruitment Specialist
  • Jana Samšuková, KPMG ČESKá REPUBLIKA, S.R.O., Content Marketing Executive
  • Jiří Hauptmann, JT INTERNATIONAL, SPOL. S R.O., Corporate Affairs & Communication Director
  • Jovana Perović, GRAYLING CZECH REPUBLIC, S.R.O.,
  • Ladislav Kučera, HAYS CZECH REPUBLIC S.R.O., Managing Director
  • Lenka Hralová, AON CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE A.S., HR Specialist
  • Lenka Rogerová, MANDARIN ORIENTAL, PRAGUE, Director of Communications
  • Linda Riggins Krásná, MANDARIN ORIENTAL, PRAGUE,
  • Martina Jandečková, MGC GROUP S.R.O., Managing Partner
  • Monika Burdová, ALTAVIA ČESKá S.R.O., Client Service Manager
  • Ondřej Tesař, MAZARS,
  • Pavel Jirák, KOMERčNí BANKA, A.S., Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Petr Andrýsek, SOCIALSHARKS S.R.O., Chief Shark
  • Petra Kůlová, OREA HOTELS & RESORTS, MEMBER OF CIMEX GROUP, Marketing Director
  • Renata Vápeníková, ČESKOSLOVENSKá OBCHODNí BANKA, A.S., Analytik procesů II
  • Štěpánka Kavanová, CPL JOBS S.R.O., Client Relationship Manager CZ&SK
  • Tomáš Prajzler, TALENTOR ADVANCED SEARCH, Managing Partner
  • Veronika Vincíková, SCHöNHERR RECHTSANWäLTE GMBH, ORGANIZAčNí SLOžKA, Office Manager
  • Zuzana Třebická, AAA AUTO, Digital HR Marketing Specialist


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


27.04.2017, 09:00 - 27.04.2017, 10:30


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Join our discussion roundtable to listen and share experience and different approaches companies take towards the Employer Branding.

Facilitators of the discussion:

  • Martina Jandečková, Managing Partner, MgC GROUP
    • The times are changing and it is no longer the company, that chooses the employee, but the employee who choses the company. How to be an attractive employer, how to be different on the labour market? The companies no longer need to attract just the clients. With all the changes on the market there is a new target group onto which the marketing should focus - employees - current and future. Knowing this, the topic of HR Marketing and Employer Branding in particular become more and more important.
  • David Novák, Head of Consumer Marketing, Vodafone on Talent Pipeline
    • There are 3 driving forces that leads organization to review its talent pipeline strategy: low unemployment rate, demography of Czech republic and startup ecosystem that attracts rare entrepreneur mindset from the workforce. Long term implications are scary: increased margin pressure, inability to innovate, growing vulnerability to agile digital brands.
  • Petr Andrýsek, Chief Shark, Socialsharks on Social Media in HR
    • Social Media is changing not only marketing but also how companies communicate with their stakeholders. Facebook performance campaigns for recruitment, YouTube for HR videos or employee advocacy through building personal brands from company leaders.

Contact person: Lucie Vrbová, lvrbova@amcham.cz

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