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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


22.02.2013, 10:00 - 22.02.2013, 11:30


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Content of the workshop: 1. How does a marshmallow determine an EI competence? 2. History and definition EI 3. “Where in the brain”….. ? 4. IQ and EQ how do they work together 5. Competences and how to increase our EI Driver of the workshop: - Rostya Gordon-Smith Rostya has 20 years of experience in People and Organizational Development and Management gathered in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, UK, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia, India, Middle East and other CEE countries in global and local companies. She was named as one of the 50 World’s Top Human Resources Leaders, in April 2000 and placed in the first ten of „The Most Successful Women in Czech Republic“ in 2005. Rostya is the International VP for the “Czech Society for Human Resources Development” and the founder and president of yearly “HR Excellence Award” in Czech Republic. She is a well-known speaker, coach and lecturer on the People and Organizational Development and has published several articles in professional publications. In 2011 Rostya published a book about Values Based Personal Development. Rostya received Masters Degree in Strategic Human Resources Management from Macquarie Univ. Hong Kong/Australia and BA Hons. from London University. Rostya is married and has four sons.

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