Discussion Roundtable - Directive on Payment Services with CNB and MF


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


10.12.2007, 09:00 - 10.12.2007, 11:00


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Discussion with Czech National Bank and Finance Ministry representatives on the transposition of a Directive on Payment Services (in internal market) is taking place at AmCham on Monday, December 10. Markéta Hálová (main EU lawyer) and Denisa Jindřichová (ČNB) and Roman Loučka (MF) will be speaking at the event on behalf of their respective institutions. Both institutions have opened a public consultation on the enclosed consultation material. The deadline for delivery of comments on the material expires on December 31. Please send us your questions or comments on the material or the Directive by Friday morning (receiving them is a precondition for the discussion to take place) at law@amcham.cz. The discussion is to be held in Czech.

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