Czenglish - 25 bad mistakes Czechs make when speaking English I

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7.01.2021, 16:30 - 7.01.2021, 16:50


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Course Objectives

Care to find out about the worst mistakes Czechs make when speaking English? Interested in knowing what native speakers find funny and what you have to watch out for when speaking or writing e-mails? Dare to set yourself apart from most other Czech students by keeping away from errors that make native English speakers cringe?


Czechisms are mistakes we make when we subconsciously transpose an expression from our mother tongue, Czech, into English discourse. They involve grammar, vocabulary, and even pronunciation. In most cases, we're not aware of these linguistic blunders. Some of them are amusing, others put us in a bad light, and yet others might prevent our interlocutor from understanding what we're trying to say.

Target Group

This course is for all students who want to rid themselves of errors they make when speaking English. The course curriculum has been designed to help you fine-tune your English very fast and effectively.


MARK PICKERING graduated in English from University of Sheffield. He worked in London as a journalist and editor and has been teaching English in Prague since 2009. He continuously collects the most shocking mistakes of his students and tries to eradicate them. He leads the Czenglish section on the SPĚVÁČEK school study portal. Mark also published a two-volume book, The Little Book of Czenglish.

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