CSR Discussion: Solving Social Issues and Simultaneous Increase of Company Competitiveness. Case study: Czech educational system


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


13.10.2011, 09:00 - 13.10.2011, 11:00


AmCham Offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion Series Should companies solve social issues? Can companies solve social issues? What are the issues relevant to your company and how does it match needs of Czech society? How can a company conceive its CSR to make a real difference? Can corporate social responsibility really strengthen a company’s competitiveness? What is concept of Creating Shared Value as a new way of the Corporate Social Responsibly? The first panel discussion of the series will debate following questions: Can a company tackle social issues and simultaneously increase its competitiveness? And would it be corporate social responsibility? What are the issues of Czech educational system, what is their relevance for business and what can companies do? Speakers: Peter Sokol, Executive Manager, CSR Consult • From corporate social responsibility to creating shared value • Company strategy and long term competitiveness and how CSR fits in this • Should General Managers be interested? Arnošt Veselý, Head of Department of Public and Social Policy at Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague • Evaluation of the Czech educational system • Issues relevant for business • Lack of interest in natural sciences as disadvantage for national economy Jens Becker, Managing Director, Bayer Czech Republic • Case study: “Věda má budoucnost” • Social / company issue: lack of job applicants with education in natural sciences • Bayer’s approach to tackle this issue • Top management role • Lessons learned Miloš Rathouský, Director of Human Resources Development Division, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic • Czech educational system from the business perspective Moderated by Daniela Vrbová, Český rozhlas Who should participate? General Managers, CEOs, CSR managers and anyone interested in positive change of the society When? 9.00-11.00a.m., October 13, 2011 Where? American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Dušní 10, Praha 1 Please register at registration@amcham.cz, capacity is limited. For more information please contact Eva Chvalkovska echvalkovska@amcham.cz Prepared in cooperation with CSR Consult. Supported by Bayer

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