Can Public Affairs help you achieve your business objectives and deliver to your bottom line?


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


29.01.2015, 10:30 - 29.01.2015, 12:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


‘Public Affairs’ is a notoriously poorly defined term, meaning many different things to different people. Sometimes also known as Corporate, Government or Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs Council President Doug Pinkham calls it “the most important function that nobody understands”. Pinkham is right that it is often misunderstood, but is he also right about its importance? And if he is, what role exactly can Public Affairs play in creating a healthy environment in which your business can operate? This workshop is designed to help you understand the role of Public Affairs and how to use it to add value to your business. The approx. 1.5-2 hour interactive workshop will attempt to answer the following questions: - What is Public Affairs? - Why bother? - How do get your voice heard? - How do you prioritize? Who should you really be targeting? - How do you build, maintain and nurture relationships with policy-makers and other stakeholders? - How do you build a coalition of support around a particular issue? - How to develop a ‘trusted partner’ status with policy-makers? - How do you get started? Speakers: - Monika Matyáštíková, Head of Public Affairs of Grayling Czech Republic - Ben Petter, Head of the Central Practice Team of Grayling ................ Register online at For more information contact Lucie Vrbová at

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