Business Briefing on How applied Mathematics can boost your business?


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


6.12.2007, 09:00 - 6.12.2007, 11:00


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Featuring Ondřej Komenda of inSophy Ondřej Komenda studied the “Mathematical and computer modeling in physics” at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences in Prague. He is a tireless propagator of mathematical solutions and their enormous benefit when brought from Universities to real life. His company, inSophy, provides mathematical consulting and software solutions for analytically challenging projects in business. These services proved to bring competitive advantage (e.g. by optimizing production, increasing quality of services and optimizing material consumption and the cost) to companies who analyze large datasets, manage complex systems, design technical devices or model risk and reliability. Area, which benefit most are: • Project management - probability modeling, multiagent systems • Manufacturing - multicriteria scheduling, optimization • Marketing research - pattern recognition, data mining • Commodity sales - time series prediction, segmentation • Investments - financial mathematics, analytical modeling • Computer vision - Fourier transform, wavelet analysis • Reliability and maintenance - probability theory, reliability theory Come and see the benefits that these advanced tools can bring to your business.

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