Business Model You – one page method for rediscovering the joy in your career

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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


3.05.2018, 09:00 - 3.05.2018, 12:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Dreaming of a breath of fresh air in your career or life path? We all do. But most of us lack a structured way to reinvent ourselves, even as changing workplace business model make professional and personal life more challenging than ever.

Replace career uncertainty with career confidence by using the single-page blueprint that’s helped reinvent thousands of organisations worldwide. It’s the systematic way to optimize the most important business model of all: Business Model You.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore and talk about our current model, learn about other people’s models, and create a desired change to make things click.

The workshop facilitators, Pavel Novák and Brigitte Lintner, will guide you through this powerful way of thinking to define, sharpen, and grow your career.

Recommended preparation prior to workshop: To get an idea of what this workshop is about, pls. watch this short video:

About Pavel Novák: Pavel trains, consults and coaches professionals, teams and companies on negotiation. With the recently increasing number of requests for individual work aimed at “Help me get a salary raise”, he and his clients have come to realize that money was not the real issue. All too often clients were actually looking for more joy and fulfillment at their current job. After some search, the BMY model provided the needed answer to help clients at the crossroads to structure their thinking and finding answers at last. More information to be found at

About Brigitte Lintner: In her coaching and mentoring experiences, clients step out of their comfort zones, become more grounded and more self-confident. Brigitte takes a solution-based approach when working with clients. Using the techniques and skills that she has honed with Pavel´s training with the International Coach Federation as well as her experience and intuition stemming from over 25 years in the financial sector, Brigitte confidently works with clients from a range of backgrounds on the diverse challenges they face. More information to be found at

How will we work? Check the photos below from previously held workshops to get an idea. The motto is: Sitting is the new smoking!

Further reading: The workshop is based on the book Business Model You, which is one of the four series: Business Model You, Business Model Generation, Value proposition Design & Business Models for Teams.

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