Breakfast with CNB Governor Jiri Rusnok, CNB Monetary Policy and Czech Economic Outlook in Times of Brexit Stalemate


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


24.05.2019, 09:00 - 24.05.2019, 10:30


Marriott hotel, V Celnici 8, Praha 1 Show on map


The headlines tell us that Brexit is what we should all fear. Yet, the real and immediate trouble in the Czech economy is a dramatic demographic drop in the working age population combined with a shortage of affordable housing in Prague and Brno. Where do the true long-term risks to the Czech economy lie, and how much of a risk are they really? And how will the Bank regulate the rise of FinTech?

Governor Rusnok will present his views on the near term and long term prospects of the Czech economy, and then participate in a discussion moderated by AmCham Board member Michal Nebesky of Citibank.

According to the CNB Global Economic Outlook in February 2019, the current economic outlook is being affected by several major factors. The most important include the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the increased level of protectionism in global trade, the completion of the normalisation of interest rates by the Fed and the repeatedly postponed start to increases in the ECB’s interest rates. 

However, unfortunately still unclear Brexit is without doubt the most resonant economic issue at present. A disorderly Brexit could have very tangible impacts on both the micro level (for individual firms) and the macro level (exchange rates, GDP, inflation).

Entrance fee: 800 CZK + VAT. 

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