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8.06.2016, 14:00 - 8.06.2016, 16:00


AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1 Show on map


Date: June 8 Time: 2-4pm Registration: by e-mail at We will meet to discuss what steps we can take during summer and the fall to advance our agenda (and to discuss how pharmaceutical products can be purchased according to quality criteria linked to HLY. We will discuss creating policy task forces for the ehealth and procurement issues, and high level meetings with key stakeholders to discuss their ideas of how to effective implement HLY as a tool to improve quality through innovation. For the past three years, AmCham has been engaging with stakeholders in healthcare with the aim of creating greater consistency in policymaking and building consensus around innovation as an objective of that policy. This engagement first took the form of roundtables with Minister Heger as the chair. After the last election, we began individual meetings with stakeholders. We have now developed a position paper describing our aims. The paper proposes three policy initiatives. One, it suggests that Healthy Life Years (HLY) become the measurement for system performance. We believe that Healthy Life Years is the best current indicator to measure improvement in citizen/patient outcomes, and allows comparison with other systems' performance. In order to encourage innovation, we have proposed an additional efficiency measure of system cost per health life year (simply the total number of healthy life years (proportion of HLY to Lifespan multiplied by population then divided by cost of health care system). Two, we urge the creation of an integrated nationwide e-health system to monitor the impact of policy changes on Health Life Years. Three, we urge procurement policies that introduce HLY into selection criteria, and place a greater weight on quality criteria. Some of the proposals we will be considering are 1) to continue the high-level stakeholder roundtables with parliamentary auspices instead of the minister's to debate how to implement the objective of HLY in various areas of policy (translating that single stat into working level objectives) 2) working level workshops on how e-health systems can improve performance, and 3) working level workshops on how procurement/purchasing can improve outcomes. If you have suggested agenda items, please send an e-mail at .

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