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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


29.09.2022, 15:00 - 29.09.2022, 16:30


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The world is a volatile place. What you do not know you do not know can sometimes help your business, and sometimes send it sideways. Any successful manager or entrepreneur needs to learn how to read events, detect trends, and erect strategies that ensure at least business continuity. 

The AmChams of Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Czechia, in partnership with CIPE, will organize three workshops with strategic thinkers from areas outside of business to investigate how they take stock of the world, and to identify ways that business leaders can incorporate other filters for understanding the world can help them generate a strategic approach that strengthens their bottom line.

Peter Engelke, Deputy Director of Foresight, Scowcraft Strategy Initiative.

We are experiencing today how energy supply can dramatically impact your business. Business success in the next thirty years will depend greatly on how managers navigate the transition away from carbon to new types of energy supplies, both in their operations and in their product offer. Mr. Engelke will provide pointers on how to read developments in energy. 

ONLINE ONLY. September 29th, 1500-1630.

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