Amcham HR Committee Best Practice: Wellbeing

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American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


13.05.2021, 09:00 - 13.05.2021, 10:00


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The pandemic has forced us all into Pandora’s Box. Our sense of wellbeing has been challenged by restrictions in movement, gathering and social behavior, and our sense of what an organization is and how it operates has been upended. Companies that emerge successfully from the pandemic will be those that understand that how employees feel is the critical element in how they will perform, and how engaged and loyal they will be.

Magdalena Prunerova of MgC has been working on several projects with companies to address wellbeing. She will share her experiences and examine issues such ashow to define wellbeing,the perception of wellbeing in organizations individual need vs. system options implementing wellbeing idea/structure into company processes how to get started in introducing wellbeing into your company.

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