Adapting to the economic reset: a survival guide to real estate success


American Chamber of Commerce
in the Czech Republic


26.01.2012, 09:00 - 26.01.2012, 11:00


Four Seasons Hotel Prague, Veleslavínova 2A/1098, Prague 1 Show on map


The Czech economy, much like today's global economy except for those nations which have maintained their own currency and are without massive sovereign debt issues, is generally in step with the economies of western, central and eastern Europe as well as the United States regarding the challenges we face on an ongoing basis; where we are today is as good as it gets! This is not a blip on the economic radar, it is an absolute "economic reset" and the starting point of where we go from here. We are totally connected and interdependent and we must face these issues together. How we attack the challenges before us will shape our success or determine our failure. Will we be a business casualty or will we adapt? Quality and service are more in demand than ever, and price, while very important, is not the sole determining factor to the occupier (nor should it be). As services providers as well as occupiers in our own right, we must be transparent, think well outside "the box" and provide both current and long-term solutions. We must lead, not follow; we must be in front of the challenge, therefore being proactive and not reactive! This is all about partnership....strategic partnership and winning together. This is about "alignment of interests" and understanding one's needs and goals. The panel will address the challenges and discuss solutions of how the industry's participants must adapt to change for a better today and tomorrow. Speakers: - Romain Andreoli of Optimal Facility - Christopher Guilds of AIG Lincoln - Alan Hájek of UniCredit Group - Otakar Martinec of Weinhold Legal - Ondřej Štrup of IFMA Moderator: - Wayne A. Vandenburg of TVO Groupe Please register via or to Lucie Vrbova at

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