Minutes from Business & Finance committee meeting on February 16


Members of the committee met to discuss Implementation of the new processes/tools and plan further topics/ upcoming meetings & discussion. We would like to be focused on IT as a service / When to outsource, read more.


Planning for Joint IT & Finance committee meeting on IT as a service/ Pay only if you need it - in April

  • Content – questions for panelists/panelists tbc
  • Drivers: Martin Brix /LeasePlan, Tomáš Krýsl/ERA, Richard Penson /redtoo
  • Inputs by members are welcome before Feb28, preparational meeting to be planned
  • Debate of user´s (CFOs/Business Operation persons) with CIO/BD persons of providers on:

Business & Finance committee members will meet on March 15, 11.00am after the panel discusssion: Business&Employment Immigration in 2017 (in Czech)

For more info, AGENDA for upcoming months, please contact Renáta Paceltová at rpaceltova@amcham.cz

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